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new Ford Escape

The Ford Escape is wildly popular, selling more each year than the year before for nearly a decade. The Escape obviously hits the mark with buyers, who keep coming back to this compact crossover that drives more like a car. In 2019, you'll get more for your money. Last year, Ford's Sync 3 infotainment system was optional for the mid-level SE trim.

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2017 Ford Escape

The 2017 Ford Escape is an athletic small crossover SUV that delivers excellent engine options, a spacious cabin, and high-end tech features. If you're a commuter, you'll appreciate the Escape's roomy, supportive seating and helpful infotainment apps. The Escape is also an excellent pick for sports enthusiasts, thanks to an impressive towing capacity and cavernous cargo space. Modern safety gear boosts driver awareness and overall passenger protection.

2016 Ford Escape

The 2016 Ford Escape is an excellent compact crossover SUV, designed to deliver modern fuel economy, an athletic performance, and a wealth of high-tech features. On the road, the Escape is agile and responsive, offering a strong overall ride. Inside, passengers can spread out in total comfort. Modern convenience features keep you entertained, informed, and connected from anywhere. Cutting-edge safety technology helps you stay safe, even when road conditions are less than ideal. Come in and test drive a Ford today!

2016 Ford Escape vs 2010 Escape

When you shop for a Ford Escape, you're browsing one of the most impressive compact crossovers on the market. But you already knew that. In fact, that's why you're here - for the Escape's high-quality cabin, family-friendly tech features, and fuel-efficient ride. However, you might still be wondering whether it's better to buy new or used. That's why we've created this guide - to highlight some of the major differences between the used 2010 and the new 2016 Ford Escape.

2016 Ford Escape vs 2012 Escape

If you're shopping for a Ford Escape, you've certainly got great taste. On the road, this small crossover SUV is smooth, refined, and comfortable. Inside, you can kick back and enjoy plush comfort and modern infotainment features. You may, of course, still be wondering whether it's better to buy new or used. We've created this side-by-side comparison guide to help you figure out whether the used 2012 Ford Escape or the new 2016 Ford Escape is better for you.

2018 Ford Escape

While the competition in the crossover SUV market is stiff, the 2018 Ford Escape stands apart from the crowd with its sporty, turbocharged power and spacious modern comfort.

2018 Ford Escape vs Kia Sportage

If you're not already driving one yourself, you only have to look out your window to see the number of compact crossovers on the roads to realize how popular the format is with buyers. Two models that are among the most popular are the 2018 Ford Escape and the Kia Sportage, so let's compare them to see which is the better buy.

2018 Ford Escape vs Chevrolet Equinox

Ford versus Chevrolet is one of the oldest automobile rivalries in the world. People have argued over whether Ford and Chevy trucks are better for decades, but what about compact sports utility vehicle? Let's compare the Ford Escape with the newly designed Chevrolet Equinox to see who wins this round.

2019 Ford Escape and Escape Energi Preview

The upcoming 2020 Ford Escape will be totally redesigned, offering increased passenger space, standard safety technology, and a new plug-in hybrid model, the Escape Energi. In this preview, we show what you can expect and what all the latest news is about these innovative vehicles.

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